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Rotimi Rainwater / / Info - Lost in America is a movie starring Rosario Dawson, Halle Berry, and Tiffany Haddish. A documentary film that follows director Rotimi Rainwater, a former homeless youth, as he travels the country to shine a light on the epidemic of / actors - Rosario Dawson / rating - 8,4 of 10 / 2019. Watch lost in america online free.

Yeah, I'll take Alice Cooper and every other badass from this era over the nerd shit now days. And I'm only 33.


The LunaXSam theme. Lost in America watch dogs. When I work like the girl at that clip, I whish I had my ALICE Love U ALICE Thanks cus U make my life better. Lost in America watch the trailer. Lost in America. Dont worry Alice. WE ARE ALL STILL HERE. 2019... TY SIR. TY TY TY. Do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do Do, do, do, do, do, do, do Do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do Do, do, do, do, do, do, do Tonight I wanna give it all to you In the darkness There's so much I wanna do And tonight I wanna lay it at your feet 'Cause girl, I was made for you And girl, you were made for me I was made for lovin' you baby You were made for lovin' me And I can't get enough of you baby Can you get enough of me Tonight I wanna see it in your eyes Feel the magic There's something that drives me wild And tonight we're gonna make it all come true 'Cause girl, you were made for me And girl I was made for you I was made for lovin' you baby You were made for lovin' me And I can't get enough of you baby Can you get enough of me I was made for lovin' you baby You were made for lovin' me And I can give it all to you baby Can you give it all to me Oh, can't get enough, oh, oh I can't get enough, oh, oh I can't get enough Yeah, ha Do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do Do, do, do, do, do, do, do Do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do Do, do, do, do, do, do, do I was made for lovin' you baby You were made for lovin' me And I can't get enough of you baby Can you get enough of me Oh, I was made, you were made I can't get enough No, I can't get enough I was made for lovin' you baby You were made for lovin' me And I can't get enough of you baby Can you get enough of me I was made for lovin' you baby You were made for lovin' me And I can give it all to you baby.

Totally adores for them. Love the fact 90% of the comments are Wayne's World quotes lol. TOP FOOTBALL FILMS Rememberbthe Titans AnybGiven Sunday Rudy Radio Friday Night Lights Wildcats Waterboy Necessary roughness The Long Shot The Longest Yard Gridiron gang The Replacements We Are Marshall Varsity Blues The Express Little Giants Blind side. This song was a wake up call to all the younger 80's rockers. you stick a Needle in your arm, you bite the dust you buy the farm, hey stoopid. Lost in america watchmojo. Lost in America watching. Watch lost in america. Can someone write the lyric please 💕. Loved the ending. Alice is a scary-sexy, tall dark and sinister handsome man. This year I went to see 192 different movies in theaters, plus one rewatch. That's up from 162 in 2018, 140 in 2017, 9 in 2016, and 5 in 2015. I usually go 3 or 4 times per week, mostly on weekends. I keep track of dates/theaters/movies/ratings for fun and save all of the stubs. My ratings are what I give the movie right after seeing it, with no real 'checklist' or anything, mostly just initial thought/enjoyment/opinion. It's not meant to be taken super seriously, I'm not a professional reviewer. This is my full ranking for the year, from favorite to least-favorite, with a few small reviews/thoughts thrown in: Monos - 10/10 - Hands-down my favorite movie of the year and honestly high on my all-time list. It's Apocalypse Now meets Lord of the Flies, with some Beasts of No Nation thrown in. It builds a unique, lived-in world that's believable and brutal. Beautifully-filmed, some of the best shots of the year (the ending shot gets seared in your mind). Modern and grounded look at a militia/cartel fighting against an unnamed enemy in a Colombian jungle. It almost feels post-apocalyptic instead of 'cartel vs government', which I really loved. You get to imagine your own backstory as the story unfolds. Unforgiving and gut-wrenching, but hopeful too. Got a lot out of its cast. Can't recommend this movie enough. Really disappointed this didn't make the Best Foreign Language Film shortlist. "Masterpiece" gets thrown around a lot, but in my mind this is the only one this year. Marriage Story - 10/10 The Farewell - 10/10 Journey to a Mother's Room - 9/10 - Biggest surprise of the year, came out of nowhere. Deeply-personal story between a mother & daughter. It's very basic on the surface, and there's not much story (you start at Point A, and end at Point A), but it's the most emotional movie of the year. If you don't cry at least 3 times during this, you're probably not human. It's all about the unbreakable connection you have to your parent(s), from the day you're born until the day you die. It only takes place over the course of a few months, but feels like lifetimes. Beautiful little movie about separation, loss, and human connection. Waves - 9/10 - I could write 20 pages on how much I loved this movie. To keep it short, it's got a perfect soundtrack, perfect setting, awards-worthy performances (from Kelvin Harrison Jr., Sterling K. Brown, and Taylor Russell). Visceral story that grips you from the first minute and doesn't let go until the closing shot. Unique use of colors and aspect-ratio. It takes a huge risk structurally that pays off. It's also the only movie I went to see twice this year. Really worth it too, picked up on a lot of stuff on the second viewing. Would've went a third time if theaters kept it playing longer. Every tiny decision/action has a huge impact. Just watch this. Last Black Man In San Francisco - 9/10 Birds of Passage - 9/10 Apollo 11 - 9/10 - The best documentary of the year. Probably the best editing (and use of sound) I've ever seen/heard in a documentary. It's unique because they don't use interviews like most documentaries do, it's real sound the whole through. Impressive use of archival footage/audio. Uncut Gems - 9/10 - This movie wasn't on the Best Original Score shortlist for the 2020 Oscars. This aggression will not stand. The Mustang - 9/10 Wild Rose - 9/10 - If this doesn't win the Oscar for Best Original Song ('Glasgow'), I've lost all faith in the Academy. The ending concert scene had me crying like a baby. Jessie Buckley is gonna be big. Best music-drama since A Star Is Born. Transit - 9/10 Ad Astra - 9/10 - Top-notch acting, great atmosphere, world-building, existentialism, beautiful VFX, engaging score. Best opening scene of the year. Thoughtful commentary on modern society all wrapped in a Heart of Darkness blanket. If you're into space/exploration movies, then I recommend this. Surprised at the backlash this movie has gotten on r/movies. The Report - 9/10 - This was a really good year for legal-thrillers and The Report was the cream of the crop. Tight, Sorkin-like script with top performances from Adam Driver & Annette Bening. Could change a lot of minds about the war on terror and use of torture. Parasite - 9/10 Once Upon A Time In Hollywood - 9/10 Midnight Traveler - 9/10 - If you feel like life is unfair and the odds are stacked against you, watch this movie. It puts everything in a different perspective. Every problem you have is going to seem minuscule compared to what this family went through. It's eye-opening and should fill you with anger. Luce - 9/10 - It's Kelvin Harrison Jr's world and we're just living in it. The Irishman - 8/10 Mickey and the Bear - 8/10 - Camila Morrone puts in the best breakout performance of the year. PTSD, drug-addiction, alcoholism, rural Montana, toxic relationships, James Badge Dale, following your dreams. What's not to love? The Art of Self Defense - 8/10 - The best dark-comedy of the year. So many great one liners. It's like Yorgos Lanthimos directing Death of Stalin, set in a karate studio. Surprisingly violent and depressing, but in all the right ways. Jesse Eisenberg's best movie Social Network? Peanut Butter Falcon - 8/10 - "Am I going to die? " "We all do, it's only a matter of time, now stop being a little bitch. " - Favorite line of the year, really stuck with me. Everybody Knows - 8/10 Mary Magdalene - 8/10 Knives Out - 8/10 - Well-crafted whoddunit with an ensemble cast. Just a genuinely fun time at the movies. Ana de Armas with well-deserved leading role for once. A few of the characters are a tad bit unrealistic (and basically caricatures), but the movie doesn't take itself seriously enough for that to be a problem. Daniel Craig hamming it up with a Southern accent was fun. Old school film with a modern twist. The Lighthouse - 8/10 The Dead Don't Die - 8/10 - This movie really isn't for everyone, but I loved the dry humor and purposefully-bad chemistry/dialogue. The line delivery was off-putting but hilarious. Everything is extremely on-the-nose and it works. I could watch 10 hours of Tom Waits talking to himself. Us - 8/10 Villains - 8/10 Ford v Ferrari - 8/10 Midsommar - 8/10 Jojo Rabbit - 8/10 Official Secrets - 8/10 - Keira Knightley with one of the most underrated performances of the year. Another really good legal/political-thriller that exposes the dark side of government bureaucracy. Pain & Glory - 8/10 John Wick 3: Parabellum - 8/10 Queen & Slim - 8/10 Amazing Grace - 8/10 - Great concert-documentary. Some of Aretha Franklin's performances in this should give you insane chills. I actually had this one rated higher right after watching it, but then looked up some of the people shown on screen and it turns out some were real pieces of shit, while preaching to people like hypocrits. Felt gross and took a lot of the magic out. One of my few revised scores this year. A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood - 8/10 Joker - 8/10 Non-Fiction - 8/10 - It's very French (talky and sexual) and the writing seems impressed with itself, but it's a good adult-drama that surprised me. I'm a big fan of Olivier Assayas and this is some of his best work. Rocketman - 8/10 Stan & Ollie - 8/10 Hustlers - 8/10 Avengers Endgame - 8/10 Doctor Sleep - 8/10 - It gets bloated and probably needed to be 20-30 minutes shorter (there's a shit ton of side-characters), but it was a worthwhile sequel to The Shining. Didn't feel like a cash grab and carries its own weight. Booksmart - 8/10 Little Monsters - 8/10 - I'd recommend watching this based just on Josh Gad's character. So over-the-top and hilarious. When he starts chugging hand sanitizer might be the most I laughed in a theater this year. Also Lupita Nyong'o playing & singing on the ukulele to a bunch of kids is exactly what I needed in my life. Cute zombie-comedy with a ton of heart. Spider-Man: Far From Home - 8/10 A Hidden Life - 8/10 - If there's a song from this year (or this decade even) that I'd want played at my funeral, it's James Newton Howard's theme from this movie. It's so beautiful and perfectly captures the feel of the movie. That song broke me down every time it played. I can't imagine this movie without it, it's that good. It's a shame this movie is getting ignored this awards season. Never Look Away - 8/10 Toy Story 4 - 8/10 Pavarotti - 8/10 The Biggest Little Farm - 8/10 - If you're really into the inner-workings of a Californian farm, then this is the documentary for you. Abominable - 8/10 The Current War - 7/10 Artic - 7/10 - Well made, solidly-acted. I loved the small details about survival that this movie brings up, makes it very grounded and realistic. I'm kinda bored of survival movies in general so this didn't blow my mind or anything. Bombshell - 7/10 Honey Boy - 7/10 - Pretty big letdown because I had really high expectations for this one. Lacked the emotional punch I hoped for. Didn't land for me at all, kind of like Boy Erased last year. I appreciate how honest and revealing it was, took a lot of guts for Shia LaBeouf to put this out there but it's forgettable. Lucas Hedges' Shia impression was reallllly on point though, that was worth the price of admission right there. Mid90s last year was a 10/10 for me and I expected the same for this. It was good, not great. American Woman - 7/10 - Sienna Miller's performance in this is awards-worthy. The accent she does is perfect and it might be the most underrated role of the year. The movie gets way too tearjerky at the end though. It's basically 2 hours of bad shit happening to a good person, which gets a bit overwhelming. The Beach Bum - 7/10 Captain Marvel - 7/10 Spies In Disguise - 7/10 - Looked pretty generic based on the trailer, but was actually pretty funny. Cold Pursuit - 7/10 Tolkien - 7/10 - Not much happens but it felt really comfortable. Solid performances all around and they handled the WW1 scenes better than I thought they would. Expected to be bored out of my mind based on the reviews and trailer but it flowed well. As far as "Nicholas Hoult Biopics of Famous Writers" go, it's miles ahead of Rebel in the Rye 2 years ago. Jumanji: The Next Level - 7/10 Sauvage/Wild - 7/10 Detective Pikachu - 7/10 Maiden - 7/10 Dark Waters - 7/10 -. Good performances and an okay script, even though it beats you over the head sometimes. Total waste of Anne Hathaway. She's way too good of an actress for a boring, generic, 'supporting wife' role with just a few lines. Not even sure why she was in this. Overall, a solid legal-thriller, which is a genre I really enjoy and I've been missing since its late-90s heyday. Pretty crazy story too, scummy and evil corporate greed is always interesting to explore on film (like The Insider). Should've been 20 minutes shorter and less on-the-nose Adopt A Highway - 7/10 The Wedding Guest - 7/10 The Hummingbird Project - 7/10 Motherless Brooklyn - 7/10 The Lion King - 7/10 Last Christmas - 7/10 - It's really easy to bash this movie, a lot of the humor falls flat and the twist is ridiculous, but I couldn't help walking out with a smile. I love how committed Emilia Clarke was to the character, and her interactions with her boss and family were legitimately heart-warming at times. Also did I mention how ridiculous that twist is? Richard Jewell - 7/10 - This was decent. Even though it's clearly Clint Eastwood's personal crusade (and thinly-veiled propaganda piece in some regards) against the FBI & the Spooky Media™, it still told the story effectively/semi-believably. Some of the characters (Hamm/Wilde obviously) were pretty ridiculous caricatures though, was hard to take anything they said seriously, I mean come on. You just roll your eyes at most of what they say. Some of the situations and encounters are too-conveniently set-up but that's easy to overlook. It had very solid performances (Hauser was great, especially when he finally let's his emotion show, in that scene where he kicks the table). Much better than The Mule, and 20x better than 15:17 To Paris. Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker - 7/10 21 Bridges - 7/10 Before You Know It - 7/10 Hobbs & Shaw - 7/10 - This is peak "Stupid Summer Popcorn Movie" and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's The Meg of 2019. Fighting With My Family - 7/10 Pet Sematary - 7/10 Downton Abbey - 7/10 - Never saw a single episode of the show before watching the movie, but it still felt familiar/safe to jump right in. Yesterday - 7/10 Greta - 7/10 - It's a cheesy, predictable, non-scary horror film but I liked it. Sometimes you just need Isabelle Hupert to play a psychopathic serial killer. Felt very old-school, a movie straight out of the 1980s. Judy - 7/10 - It's the definition of Oscar bait and is emotionally manipulative, especially towards the end, but it does a great job at humanizing a Hollywood legend. Frozen 2 - 7/10 Aladdin - 7/10 The Souvenir - 7/10 Zombieland 2: Double Tap - 7/10 - Nowhere near as memorable/iconic as the first one, but it still got a bunch of laughs from me (especially the Thomas Middleditch/Luke Wilson scene). Above-average for a comedy-sequel, but I could see this one not aging well. The Two Popes - 6/10 - Two solid performances but underwhelming overall, too many cheap-looking flashback scenes, not enough Pryce/Hopkins. Reminded me of Can You Ever Forgive Me? last year, depending on the 2 leads to carry a weak movie/premise on their back, to disappointing results. Highly-overrated movie. Ready Or Not - 6/10 Anna - 6/10 - It's basically Red Sparrow but slightly worse. Saint Frances - 6/10 Hotel Mumbai - 6/10 Shazam! - 6/10 - Low-stakes, formulaic, superhero movie clearly made with strict budget limitations. It hits all the notes you'd expect a movie like this to hit. It was decent. Alita: Battle Angel - 6/10 Loro - 6/10 - One of the more disappointing movies of the year. On paper it sounds amazing, a sprawling biopic of an infamous/corrupt Italian politician/mogul by Paolo Sorrentino who's not that far removed from a masterpiece? Sign me the fuck up. But nah, this was a shallow, surface-level (like my reviews), pointless dull knife of a biopic. Too much shoehorned religious imagery too. Tone is all over the place. It can't decide whether it's serious or funny and gets lost in-between. It looked nice at least. It also wins this year's "Most Nudity" award, easily beating the rest of the field. Teen Spirit - 6/10 The Upside - 6/10 Gloria Bell - 6/10 - Great performance from Julianne Moore but this just felt like "Middle-Aged Crisis: The Movie". Just couldn't connect to it. I imagine the original is a lot better. On The Basis Of Sex - 6/10 Stockholm - 6/10 Give Me Liberty - 6/10 - This is an example of a movie that has its heart in the right place but bites off a lot more than it can chew. There's a beautiful, emotional story in here somewhere, but it's too muddled with ineffective editing tricks and too many side-stories. It's sweet in some ways and the true-life characters bring a lot of charm, but it didn't do that much for me. A lot of 'year-end' lists have this as one of the most overlooked movies of the year, but I don't see it. Rough editing, bad soundtrack. Child's Play - 6/10 Good Boys - 6/10 - Just watch Booksmart instead. Styx - 6/10 Woman at War - 6/10 The Lego Movie 2 - 6/10 Missing Link - 6/10 Long Shot - 6/10 - The chemistry between Charlize Theron & Seth Rogen was great but the jokes couldn't really match it. It's a unique mix of politics & humor, but fell short of being an actual crowd-pleaser. Echo in the Canyon - 6/10 Cyrano, My Love - 6/10 Dora the Explorer - 6/10 Brittany Runs A Marathon - 6/10 IT: Chapter 2 - 6/10 - Way too long. Felt like a never-ending series of fetch-quests. Good CGI & acting though. Mister America - 6/10 Crawl - 6/10 Trial By Fire - 6/10 - Great performances by Laura Dern & Jack O'Connell get overshadowed by an overly-preacy script. It doesn't let the audience make up its own mind. The Third Wife - 6/10 Godzilla: King of Monsters - 5/10 - This needed less humans, more monsters. Glass - 5/10 Escape Room - 5/10 Terminator: Dark Fate - 5/10 Dumbo - 5/10 All Is True - 5/10 Brightburn - 5/10 The White Crow - 5/10 - One of those biopics where the movie doesn't do justice to the story. Reading the Wikipedia page on this guy's life, you'd except an Oscar contender. Instead it was just okay. Watch Cold War instead. It's basically this movie but better. High Life - 5/10 - Unpleasant. Where'd You Go Bernadette? - 5/10 Scary Stories to Tell Dark - 5/10 Her Smell - 5/10 - This movie made me physically nauseous. The tight, claustrophobic, haze-filled shots in the first 2 acts really threw me off. It's temporarily redeemed by a reallllllly good third act and a solid performance from Elisabeth Moss. But then deflated by a terrible final scene. By the Grace of God - 5/10 - Based on the critical acclaim, director, and subject matter, I walked in expected to be blown away. Basically expected Spotlight, but this movie completely derails at the halfway point. Hard to sit through. Blinded by the Light - 5/10 The Best of Enemies - 5/10 The Aeronauts - 5/10 - This is mis-marketed as an intense survival story but it's really just a boring biopic with too many flashbacks. Fall of the American Empire - 5/10 Family - 5/10 The Goldfinch - 5/10 - It turns out an unfilmable novel really is unfilmbable, who would've thought? Shoutout to Jeffrey Wright & Finn Wolfhard for actually trying. Angel Has Fallen - 5/10 Gemini Man - 5/10 Late Night - 5/10 Black and Blue - 5/10 Diane - 5/10 - This was just depression-porn. Sometimes it works (Mungiu/Zvyagintsev), sometimes it doesn't (this movie). It's such a bummer. Wouldn't recommend this to anyone but Mary Kay Place's performance makes it watchable and engaging sometimes. Destroyer - 5/10 How To Train Your Dragon 3 - 5/10 Rafiki - 5/10 - I feel bad for this score because I get that this is a really important/significant movie for African Cinema, but I just couldn't get past the terrible acting, bad (like baaaaaad) dialogue, and lackluster story. Again, pretty big achievement that this got made and reached a global audience, but yeah, in a vacuum, it's undoubtedly a bad movie. Felt like an amateur movie on a shoestring budget. Captive State - 4/10 Wild Nights With Emily - 4/10 - This movie is what happens when someone asks the question "hey, what if we turned Emily Dickinson's life into an SNL skit? ". I get what they were going for, and Molly Shannon is great, but this was extremely unfunny and probably the longest 84-minute movie I've ever seen. Dark Pheonix - 4/10 The Addams Family - 4/10 Midway - 4/10 To Dust - 4/10 Rojo - 4/10 - The only memorable thing about this movie is that there was a power outage about 90 minutes in so they comped my ticket and gave me a free drink. So that was cool, I guess. The Kid Who Would Be King - 4/10 MIB: International - 4/10 The Kid - 4/10 - There's a 98% chance that this movie is some kind of tax write-off or money laundering scheme. It somehow got 2 big names (Pratt & Hawke), co-starring the son of the producer in his first movie ever. Directed by Vincent D'Onofrio for some reason (??? ). Was dumped by Lionsgate in a few hundred theaters with 0 marketing/promotion, and flopped hard. It's dated, boring, and unoriginal. Cheesy dialogue. Literally a story that's been told a million times before, usually in much better ways. No reason for this to exist. Chris Pratt has the worst fake-movie-beard of all time in this, that's kinda worth checking out. Ramen Shop - 4/10 The Good Liar - 4/10 - The most convoluted, needlessly-complicated plot of the year. Helen Mirren & Ian McKellen both phone it in (I don't blame them, they were given trash to work with). I hate when movies try to crowbar "WW2 flashbacks" into their movies when it's not needed. Climax - 4/10 Harriet - 4/10 Lucy in the Sky - 4/10 - Once or twice a year, a movie comes along that has such a frustrating/stupid/anti-climactic ending it makes me actually angry. This is that movie. Natalie Portman had another movie like that last year (Vox Lux). Hey Noah Hawley, what the fuck? Freaks - 4/10 - This movie would fit well in the "Good Idea But Bad Execution" subreddit. Tel Aviv On Fire - 4/10 Ma - 4/10 Frankie - 3/10 Stuber - 3/10 Serenity - 3/10 - In a year full of batshit-crazy twists (looking at you, Last Christmas), this easily had the batshit-iest twist. It's something you actually have to experience yourself, and be fully-immersed in it, to appreciate how mind-numblingly crazy it is. How they got A-list talent for this script is a total mystery, but it probably involves of a lot of favors and cocaine. It's almost "so bad its good". Almost. I can't wait for the sequel, Free Guy, next year. Maleficent 2: Mistress of Evil - 3/10 - More genocide than I expected for a live-action Disney fairy tale movie. Donnybrook - 3/10 The Photograph - 3/10 - Zzzzzzzzzz... Charlie's Angels - 3/10 Hellboy - 3/10 - This movie is like that annoying kid in middle school that tries way to hard to be edgy. It's gory and vulgar just for the sake of being gory & vulgar. It reminded me of the Predator reboot last year, had the same kind of dated/forced humor that seems to have no real target audience (except for the aforementioned middle school edgy kid I guess). Bad CGI and a boring villain. iirc it also had a lame sequel-bait ending which I hate. Happy Death Day 2U - 3/10 - The Sun Is Also A Star - 3/10 - It's filmed like a generic music video and has the emotional depth of a puddle. Don't Let Go - 3/10 The Invisibles - 3/10 Playing with Fire - 3/10 - This was just like Mark Wahlberg's Instant Family last year, except that it was worse in every imaginable way. No lie, the end-credits bloopers were by far better than anything else in the movie. It was the only time I even chuckled or felt any type of emotion. Cats - 2/10 - There's not much more I could say that already hasn't been said. Yes, it was bad. No, it wasn't the worst movie in history. For me, it was just so boring. Forgettable songs (except Beautiful Ghosts), no story/plot, nonsensical ending. Just wanted it to end. Jennifer Hudson just floating into space for no reason, Judi Dench giving me unwarranted lessons about raising cats, Ian McKellen slurping milk from a bowl, Extremely-Hairy-And-Naked-Idris-Elba, Cockroach Genocide, etc. These things all happened and we can't change them, and for us to grow as a society, we need to just move on and learn from our mistakes. Rambo: Last Blood - 2/10 The Sound of Silence - 2/10 - More like The Sound of Boredom, amirite? No but seriously, that's all I got. This movie was the closest I got to falling asleep in my seat this year. Synonyms - 2/10 Black Christmas - 2/10 - Extremely cheesy dialogue, cop-out violence, boring/predictable jump scares, low production value (bad even for a low-end Blumhouse movie), some of the worst one-liners you've ever heard, unrealistic/2D characters. Shitty ending. Wayyyyy too heavy-handed with the message. About as subtle as a flying brick to the forehead. Amateur acting, cutaway for every death, etc etc. After the Wedding - 2/10 - Overacted, muddled garbage. 47 Meters Down Uncaged - 1/10 Shaft - 1/10 - Crude, unfunny, soulless, grating, pointless. There's a million adjectives I could use to describe this reboot, and none of them are positive. This is one I'm surprised I didn't just walk out of. Probably didn't have anything better do do that day. Jexi - 1/10 - This year's worst movie. It's just the kind of movie that leaves a bad taste in your mouth, like you need to watch something else to get the stink of this one out of your mind. It was just so mean-spirited, from start to finish. Not a single joke landed, you just hated all of the characters. There are no redeeming factors. On the technical side, it was very basic, looked like a cheap music video. No memorable scenes, no good lines of dialogue, no originality in any way. None of the "cheerful"/"pick-me-up" moments earn any kind of emotional reaction. If you had a freshman high-school film student remake Her as a shitty comedy, this would be it. The fact that I paid money to see this is something I will never live down. Movies that I saw outside of theaters, not included in the list: The King - 8/10 - Netflix Paddleton - 8/10 - Netflix El Camino: A Breaking Bad Story - 8/10 - Netflix High Flying Bird - 7/10 - Netflix Dolemite Is My Name - 7/10 - Netflix Triple Frontier - 6/10 - Netflix The Boy Who Harnessed Wind - 6/10 - Netflix The Laundromat - 5/10 - Netflix The Highwaymen - 5/10 - Netflix Velvet Buzzsaw - 4/10 - Netflix Bird Box - 4/10 - Netflix Six Underground - 2/10 - Netflix Movies that I saw in theaters in 2019, but are not included in the list due to original release date: If Beale Street Could Talk - 9/10 Cold War - 9/10 Capernaum - 9/10 Mary Poppins Returns - 7/10 The Charmer - 6/10 Movies that I haven't seen yet but will see in the next few weeks: Little Women 1917 In Fabric Tremors Just Mercy Midnight Family A Million Little Pieces The Earthquake Bird American Son Portrait of A Lady On Fire Clemency Beanpole The Kingmaker The Song of Names Here is the distribution of theater visits by day of the week: Throughout the year, I've gone to 13 different theaters. 9 at major chains, and 4 at indie theaters. Here's the distribution of visits by theater: Here is the distribution of theater visits by month: Other: The longest stretch I went without going to the movies was from July 21st thru August 20th, without a single trip to the movies. Partially due to an out-of-country trip and personal stuff. During this time I "missed out" on The Kitchen, The Nightingale, Brian Banks, and Honeyland. Mostly caught up to the rest. The most theater visits in a one-week span was November 1st thru November 8th, with 8 movies that week. The most in one day was 3 movies in theaters on March 15th, 2019 ( Styx, To Dust, and Captive State). There were 26 double-headers this year (two movies in theaters during the same day, usually back-to-back). Solid year, not as many surprises as 2018 though. Going to try to break 200 in 2020. Here is last year's ranking:.

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Watch lost in america documentary. I remember in an interview, Alice Cooper said Desmond Child worked him so hard during the making of this album, his throat would bleed. Is that Ozzy who is singing backup vocals in part of the video. Lost in america watch online free 123movies. Reminds me of a good old friend and a special time when i was younger! cheers to this awesome inging back some good memories. thanks alice cooper. 1 1 Posted by 2 years ago Archived comment 100% Upvoted This thread is archived New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast Sort by View discussions in 1 other community no comments yet Be the first to share what you think! More posts from the AutoNewspaper community Continue browsing in r/AutoNewspaper r/AutoNewspaper Automated News Feed Subreddit No Censorship, Just News. 8. 8k Members 381 Online Created Oct 28, 2016 Restricted help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts Communities Top Posts Topics about careers press advertise blog Terms Content policy Privacy policy Mod policy Reddit Inc © 2020. All rights reserved.

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Oh man, you guys, I can’t believe no one has written up the Sad Puppies yet! This is a tale of literary drama that went very nearly mainstream, tangentially involving a few people you’ve probably heard of, and it’s just packed with comically obvious villains and delicious schadenfreude. I sincerely hope that in a decade or two someone makes it into a heartwarmingly overwrought Oscar-bait docudrama. In the meantime, here’s what happened. Tl;dr: science fiction had its own, somehow even dumber Gamergate. This got so, so long, I’m sorry. You guys seemed to enjoy the extended Snapewives etc writeups so I kinda just went for it. Diversity: The Final Frontier Science fiction is, historically, a white guy-heavy club. There are notable exceptions, but for the most part when you say ‘sci fi’ people are going to think of classic 1950s-1970s genre giants like Heinlein and Asimov. Early editors and publishers deliberately cultivated a white male only scene. And, relevantly to the entire huge-ass essay I’m about to write, it’s stubbornly white and male. Although the field started opening up in the 80s with authors like Octavia Butler and Lois McMaster Bujold making inroads, and nominations for the Hugos (the genre’s highest awards, ie the Nerd Oscars) were actually about 50% given to female authors in 1992-93, backlash hit hard. From 1998-2009, no more than 25% of Hugo nominees were women, and some years as low as 5%. I can’t find hard numbers for racial diversity but it wasn’t any less bleak. At a time when wider society was increasingly talking about maybe not gatekeeping literature quite so much, the science fiction fandom had spoken: stories of utopian societies and incomprehensibly advanced alien technology are relatable, but black people? This is not the way. What changed in 2009 was Racefail. I’m not going to try and even summarize it, because it was an extremely complicated, contentious movement featuring about eight million people who won’t be relevant to the rest of this post. The extremely short version is that Racefail was an approximately year-long series of conversations, essays, responses, and counter-responses about racism and sexism in the speculative fiction community and the ways that non-white-guy people get shut out of the traditional publishing process. This was years before Gamergate, but it was an earlier example of the way online fan communities were starting to exert their authority. In the wake of Racefail, a new generation of female and POC authors came out of the woodwork to participate more actively in the speculative fiction community, especially by finding easy-to-reach internet-based fans not locked behind magazines or publishers. Almost overnight the Hugo nominations looked a lot more balanced (40% female/60% male authors in 2010, 50/50 in 2011). A lot of really good contemporary talent blossomed, and we got some awesome novels that might never have seen the light of day. Problem solved! The Hugos That was just the exposition, sorry. The actual drama is going to center around the Hugo Awards. Like the Grammys and Golden Globes, the Hugos are the industry awards of the ‘Speculative Fiction’ (science fiction and fantasy) world, given out every year for accomplishments in a number of categories. (It’s sci fi and fantasy, but this post is mostly going to be about the sci fi side, for reasons that mostly come down to science fiction being preferred literature of Logical and Euphoric Enlightened Gentlemen. Fantasy is for girls. Apparently. ) Unlike the Grammys etc, the format of Hugo nominations is somewhat unusual. Anyone who buys a ticket to the World Science Fiction Convention (aka Worldcon) can make nominations; the top five nominees are put through a ranked-choice vote by the same community. Every category also has a No Award option, intended to be used if voters think any or all of the nominees don’t deserve to be considered. The decentralized nature of the award elections means the process can be fairly easily taken over by even a relatively small coordinated bloc. No one had ever really worried about this before, because no single author could ensure themselves an award and who else would bother gaming the Hugos? Well, these guys would, as it turns out. The Sad Puppies are born History? In my spaceships? The Sad Puppies movement was born in 2013, in the comment section of the blog of a science fiction author named Larry Correia. Correia lamented his lack of industry recognition, describing his work as ‘unabashedly pulp, ’ and therefore discriminated against. In other words, modern fans cared more about books with literary and cultural merit than his good ol’ action stories about square-jawed spacemen punching bad guys and hooking up with sexy aliens. And that’s not fair. :c Correia’s anger reflected a trend in reactionary science fiction blogging, which is a sentence that I did not expect to type when I woke up this morning. You see, the Puppies had their own explanation for the post-Racefail diversity burst: obviously it’s impossible that anyone actually likes books by or about women and/or nonwhite folks, so the increasing success of those authors was just pity awards and book sales, driven by liberal guilt and the desire to look Hashtag Woke. Conservative white male authors were convinced that they were, actually, the ones being discriminated against - some said the industry was anti-Christian, some yelled about the dreaded SJWs. Regardless of the cause, they weren’t winning everything anymore, which couldn’t possibly be the result of a fair process, so something had to change. (The name ‘Sad Puppies’ is a reference to those emotionally manipulative Sarah McLachlin animal cruelty ads that had everyone crying themselves to sleep back in the day. Correia edited together a humorous video featuring himself as one of the pitiful little doggos who would die of Neglectitis without your donation vote! ) Let’s game the Hugos! So Correia and friends dubbed themselves a movement and decided they’d raise support to get his latest book the Best Novel award at the 2013 Hugos….. failed. Completely. His book didn’t even make it to the election. Clearly Team Sad Puppies had to step up their game, so they advertised more and put together a whole slate of nominations in anticipation of the 2014 Hugos, intending to collectively win multiple categories... failed, again. Of the seven Puppy nominees that reached the ballot in 2014, only one did better than ‘dead last’ and one actually lost to No Award, ie worse than last. “This was really a year that underscored that a younger generation of diverse writers are becoming central to the genre and helping to redefine and expand it, ” noted nerd culture news repository Gizmodo, serenely unaware that there had even been a right-wing protest vote bloc. Under Correia, the Sad Puppies had been pretty much entirely useless at achieving their actual goals. But interest in their club had spread through the rightwing geek internet, and a monster was waking… Enter Players 1 and 2 deep breath Time to introduce arguably the two central figures of Puppygate, ie the people I’m most focused on fantasy casting for my imaginary melodramatic reenactment film: NK Jemisin and Theodore Beale. NK Jemisin is a sci fi/fantasy author and also black woman who incorporates themes of colonialism, oppression, and cultural conflict into her work; she was actually one of the pro-diversity voices of Racefail from way back at the top of this page. She’s also a really good writer. Her work burst onto the scene in 2010 to huge success and near universal critical acclaim and she’s since won approximately every fantasy literature award on the planet, refusing to back down from her political stances along the way. Theodore Beale is better known as alt right culture war polemic Vox Day, who you might be familiar with if you were unfortunate enough to pay attention to Gamergate. He’s also an author, having created his own publishing house to distribute his Christian-themed fantasy books and “a guide to understanding, anticipating, and surviving SJW attacks. ” He has been described as a “graspingly untalented bigot” (by John Scalzi) and “holy shit, that guy is a straight up literal Nazi” and once attempted to create a conservative alternative to Wikipedia. The two are not friends. In 2013, Vox Day ran for president of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA). He lost, but NK Jemisin used her keynote speech as guest of honor at a large convention to publicly express her alarm that 10% of the SFWA membership had voted for a man who once referred to women’s suffrage as a “complete and unmitigated disaster” and had a lot of thoughts about something called ‘white tribalism’. In response, Vox Day used the official SFWA Twitter to link to a post on his blog in which he said that “genetic science presently suggests that we [ie white and black people] are not equally homo sapiens sapiens, ” referred to Jemisin as a “half-savage, ” and called her editor a “fat frog, ” among a whole lot of other stuff. After a bunch of dumb waffling about civility and drama the SFWA kicked him out. The incident apparently focused Vox Day on the dreadful oppression faced by rightwing white guys who write books about dragons. This all went down in 2013; now we’re jumping back to... 2015: Shit Gets Real Puppies everywhere In preparation for the 2015 Hugos, OG Sad Puppy Wrangler Larry Correia (remember him? No one else does) was succeeded by an author named Brad Torgerson, a guy who had been nominated for a couple industry awards but never found enough success to quit his day job. About five minutes later, Vox Day popped up to announce his own splinter movement, the more extreme Rabid Puppies. While the Sads’ voting slate was officially a ‘suggestion, ’ the Rabs were clear that they meant to be a unified bloc. Finally, someone was taking a stand against identity politics and affirmative action, by… only voting for books written by politically acceptable white guys. Anyway. War of the Puppies 2015 was inarguably the Year of the Puppies. Newly organized and energized and taking notes from the still-raging Gamergate movement, the Puppy candidates dominated the Hugo ballots - the Sad Puppies got 51 finalists, while the Rabid Puppies achieved 58. They swept several categories, meaning all five candidates were Puppy-approved. It escaped no one’s notice that Vox Day, Torgerson, Torgerson’s inner circle, and Vox Day’s publishing house were healthily represented, as well as a bunch of other authors who clearly were not on the ballot on the strength of their writing. The whole thing took the rest of Worldcon by surprise - no one had ever tried to game the results at anything close to this scale before. The speculative fiction community was in an uproar. The Puppies were widely criticized for both their ideology (the Sad Puppies made a half-hearted attempt to pretend to disapprove of the Rabid Puppies and their openly white supremacist leader, convincing approximately nobody) and for their blatant abuse of the process. Much more successful and popular white guys like George R. R. Martin and sci fi writer Alastair Reynolds disowned them. Reasonably famous internet writer guy and former president of the SFWA John Scalzi started an all-out war against the movement, becoming their #2 nemesis - second only to Jemisin, who had become a symbol of everything the Puppies wanted banished from science fiction. (Funnily enough, Scalzi won the 2013 Best Novel Hugo that Correia started the Sad Puppy movement to get. ) And the winner is… When the panic died down, calls went out among the Worldcon community to No Award the Puppy candidates. The way this works is that in every category, No Award is essentially a sixth nominee. As the vote is ranked choice, a voter who feels that a given book or author is undeserving of the nomination can rank that book/person below No Award. Anyone who scores below No Award doesn’t place at all (so if NA gets third, the fourth, fifth, and sixth-place books get no recognition). If No Award wins the vote, no Hugo is awarded in that category at all. Prior to 2015 this was a rare occurrence. The result: No Awards to every one of the categories with only Puppy candidates. No Award beat every Puppy-approved candidate in all of the other categories, with the sole exception of Guardian of the Galaxy winning Best Dramatic Presentation in the Long Form. No wins for Brad Torgerson or Vox Day. Oops. 2016: Pounded In The Butt By My Reactionary Politics Okay, So That Didn’t Work By 2016 the Sad Puppies had completely lost control of Vox Day. They retreated to focus on gaming the votes at the brand new Dragon Awards of DragonCon, which at least kept them quiet. Newly crowned Supreme Puppy Emperor Vox Day vowed to DESTROY THE HUGOS AND LEAVE NOTHING BUT A SMOKING PIT and so forth. The problem was that no one wanted to run on the Rabid Puppy ticket. Previous years had made it clear that associating yourself with the Puppies was a good way to win absolutely nothing at all, since even people who didn’t care about the ideological fight going on would vote against Puppy candidates in distaste for their gaming of the process. In fact, the only work or author to finish in anything other than last place after receiving a Puppy endorsement was Guardians of the Galaxy, which… probably didn’t need their help. Guardian’s victory became the movement’s new strategy. Instead of nominating themselves, the Puppies would claim whichever independently successful authors weren’t entirely politically unacceptable. Then, when ‘their’ candidates won, so would the Puppies! It was foolproof. The authors themselves (at least the ones who knew they’d been chosen by the Puppies; some had no idea) were… displeased. They demanded to be taken off the slate, to no avail. Neil Gaiman called the Puppies ‘sad losers. ’ A few near-certain winners dropped out of the race to spite Vox Day. There was disagreement about whether authors who were essentially human shields should be No Awarded. In the end, the Puppies finally picked up a few ‘wins, ’ but only with authors who weren’t associated with the movement. And there was one victory they couldn’t celebrate at all: NK Jemisin became the first African American author to win the coveted Best Novel award for her book The Fifth Season. THE BAD DOGS BLUES There were a few Puppy-driven nominees on the ballot in 2016: joke nominees. The Puppies decided that if they couldn’t steal awards from minority authors, they’d delegitimize them. One of their most absurd picks was an obscure anonymous author who apparently wrote nothing but bizarre supernatural gay erotica. That’s right: the Sad Puppies gave us Chuck Tingle. Tingle accepted the nomination and used it to troll the hell out of his benefactors. Apparently no one had remembered to register RabidPuppies Dot Com, so Tingle bought it and redirected it to an LGBT charity and NK Jemisin’s marketing page. He arranged for feminist game developer and noted target of shrieking, incoherent Gamergate rage Zoë Quinn to give his acceptance speech. Lastly, he published the classic Slammed in the Butt by my Hugo Award Nomination, which I confess I have not read. The End of the Puppies Changes to the Hugo award process in 2017 reduced the effectiveness of bloc voting, but by that point it didn’t really matter. Gamergate had run out of momentum and the world had moved on. The Sad Puppies quietly disbanded; Vox Day and the Rabid Puppies struggled on for another year, but managed only 12 nominations and no wins. NK Jemisin took Best Novel again for the sequel to last year’s winning book. Finally, in the scene that will almost certainly form the last triumphant shot of the melodramatic dramatization of this saga, in 2018 female authors won all the major Hugo categories, and NK Jemisin became the first person to win three consecutive Best Novel awards, one for every book in her Broken Earth trilogy. In conclusion, I am going to go look at pictures of real, adorable, non-bigoted puppies. Thanks for reading!

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Anybody here, been digging Alice sense the first Album, I'm 62 🤘

0:19 would of been funny if he tripped as he came out of that rock.

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